In this tab you will soon see the information how to become a Sponsor for the static test aircraft  SP-FVB, and become part of the sustainable world group being co-responsible for the donation of this project to the Kenia Red Cross as Green Bio Fuel operated Air Ambulance!

To set a sustainable example CTA has donated their static bio fuel test aircraft the SP FVB Bio Test Bird to Kenia, when ready with the Bio Fuel Rapid Prototyping test program. With some help from future sponsors we challange to join us we will fly then the rebuild aircraft as a Bio Fuel certified air ambulance aircraft to Kenia and hand it over to the Kenia red Cross to function as hospital aircraft with the many good causes projects under control of the Kenian Red Cross.

In this way CTA aims to set a milestone in allowing third world countries reach an independency of costly energy suppliers but produce their own green energy and green usage of transport means instead and help preventing to pollute the world further which the Western World countries have become so successful in.