About Us


In februari 2008 CTA started the preparations to introduce Biofuel in Aviation. Looking for a large piston engined aircraft to perform the role of technology demonstrator, we found a Grumman Tracker in the USA owned by Al Hansen and parked in his hangar with more memorial aircrafts in the Mojave desert. It was still in a VFR flying condition and used for demonstration flights. Ben and one of his mechanics undertook a inspection mission to inspect all components and condition of the aircraft in february 2008.

Despite it being an enticing aircraft type and an adventure to fly in, this one needed too much repairs to one of the engines as well as all avionics and therefore found unsuitable for the challenging time frame.

By chance we stumbled across a hangar stored Antonov 2 N244MJ, in excellent condition. This machine showed merely 80 hours and sported a brand new propeller, completely overhauled cockpit and full VIP leather interior. The aircraft was bought by Al hansen in 2004 for his film industry aviation support business in delivering aircrafts for the use in filmsets. This Antanov was once used in a film with president Ford a a means of transportation. In those four years he had only flown some 50 hours on the aircraft having then when we found it a total of some 80 hours on the engine and propellor and 16 years remaining on the wingfabric. This aircraft was also upgraded with a VIP interior in Litouwen and in the USA the first USA owner in Washington totally upgraded the avionics section including a autopilot and a garmin 430 navigation set.

So after doing research in the Netherlands and Poland about the engine usuabillity FOR BIO FUEL TESTING, negotiations were started and in April 2008 we actually purchased the Antonov N244MJ. From that moment the Biofuel development project changed into high gear, with CTA being integrated with other high tech potentials in the Twente area by attending a year a business development program with Venturelab, the commercial breeding ground of the Technical University of Twente.

However due to the slow administrative procedures of the keepers of the Airbase Twente into an operational Airport; CTA started to look in 2011 to other commercial more liable options.


On invitation of the city of Voorst Twello CTA investigated a possible relocation to the International Airport Teuge. In 2012 the decision was made and supported by the Stedendriehoek Foundation CTA relocated to her current location; the Zanden 151 at Airport Teuge to execute her future dynamic bio fuel engine tests.


Currently CTA BV has its operation in three locations:

  • Airport Teuge hangaring the testaircrafts
  • The bio engine duration testlab on the Energy transition Center at Zernikelaan 17 in Groningen
  • The CNG and LNG  tank design and production will be done together with  CTA GmbH at the R&D airport Braunschweig in Germany